Snowy fun

frolics in the snow

Have fun in the snow with your furry pal

If you’re not a skier, or you fancy a change from skiing, there’s a whole host of snowy activities to tempt you. Why not try husky dog sledding – you can do a short trip, half day, full day or even a two day adventure where you learn to mush! Huskies are incredibly friendly dogs and really love to work and it is great fun to go out sledding with a husky team.

Perhaps you would like to build an igloo in the snow or learn to ice-skate? Or maybe a family afternoon of sledging holds more appeal? Maybe you’d like to hop on a snowmobile and power your way through the powder? Or if you enjoy rock climbing perhaps you’d like to learn how to climb a frozen waterfall – the Giffre Valley is one of the main sites for ice waterfalls in France.

Whatever you would like to do, here at Rêves de Montagne luxury catered ski chalet we’re here to help and we will arrange it all for you.

Snowy fun

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  • Husky dog sledding
  • Igloo building
  • Ice-skating
  • Snowmobiles
  • Ice climbing