In the air

up, up and away

Why not add a new thrill to your holiday and experience the Alps from the air? Perhaps you’d like to try tandem paragliding – it’s an exciting yet peaceful way to see the mountains with professional, experienced pilots. Trips range from 15 to 30 minutes long and are suitable for everyone. The conditions in the valley are ideal with reliable weather, predictable thermal breezes and knock-out views!

Or why not discover the mountains with a hot air balloon trip – setting out from Les Carroz and floating across the mountain range you may observe chamois (mountain antelope), bouquetin (Alpine ibex), mouflon (wild mountain sheep) or the majestic golden eagle. On the other hand maybe you’d like to take a helicopter ride and soar like an eagle up to the stunning 4807m peak of Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest mountain. Due to the high altitude, flights are not recommended for children under 7 years old.

life rocks!

Whether you want to try rock and mountain climbing for the first time or are already accomplished there’s lots of opportunities to play here in the Giffre Valley with limestone rock faces to scale amidst stunning mountain scenery.

Spring offers climbing on some of the lower cliff faces in the sunshine as the snow recedes higher up. Summer is a perfect time to visit the more shaded crags and higher altitude multi-pitch routes, whilst in Autumn the options are endless – climbing in a t-shirt is possible right up until winter! If you want to learn to climb, to improve your skills or try something new such as trad or multi-pitch climbing professional instructors are available for private lessons.

If you have a head for heights and want to try something less technical but still exhilarating why not try the the Via Ferrata? This high south facing route has a network of rungs, ladders and bridges for you to work your way along a thrilling and exposed series of sections with your harness attached to a safety cable that follows the entire route. The route climbs 150m vertically and is over 800m length, although there are a couple of options for exiting sooner if time is limited. You can rent a harness and helmet and attempt this yourself or and hire an instructor to guide you on this exciting route.


In the air