Water sports

watery fun

The Giffre Valley is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and has a huge river running through the centre. As the snow melts in the warm spring temperatures, waterfalls come thundering down the mountain to fill the streams below which all burst into the Giffre river … and the water sport activities come alive! And of course there’s also the heated outdoor swimming pool here at the chalet to enjoy.

Whether you decide to slip into a wetsuit or swimming costume to tackle the rapids or to calmly drift down the river you’ll have an enjoyable day and soak up some beautiful views! You can tackle the river in different ways – by raft with your friends, by two man-inflatable canoraft, by hydrospeed with flippers and a float, or – if you’re an adrenaline junkie – by canyoning! 

Rafting – working as a team of seven led by a qualified instructor you’ll bounce along this seemingly indestructible raft, descend through a magical gorge, tackle churning white waters, and drift past breathtaking scenery. Paddling furiously you’ll pit your skills against the clean, roaring waters of the Giffre river – great fun!

Canorafting – get closer to the water in these two-man inflatables and experience the joy of tackling the river, close-up! As with rafting, you’ll need a guide to navigate you through rapids and tumbling white water.

Hydrospeed – with just a wetsuit, flippers and a large float you’ll need fast reactions and strong legs to steer you through rapids! Of course you’ll have a bouyancy aid and helmet to keep you safe plus a qualified instructor to show you the route – and to make sure you have the most fun out of your descent!

Canyoning – combining climbing, abseiling, swimming and diving, canyoning is not for the faint-hearted! The sport involves following the river through a gorge and tackling the route in the best way possible – and that might include sliding or jumping too! It’s fast becoming an extremely popular sport here in the Alps and, accompanied by an experienced guide, it’s safe and great fun too. 

However you choose to tackle the water, your day in a wetsuit is bound to be an enjoyable one. All the above are suitable for the whole family provided you are able to swim and are comfortable being in fast-moving water. Of course, if some of the family aren’t comfortable, or prefer something tamer, then they can always get their watery fun in the 8.7m x 4.6m heated outdoor swimming pool in the chalet gardens or by visiting the public open area swimming pool with slides, in Samoëns or by relaxing by one of the beautiful mountain lakes and dabbling their toes!

Water sports