green footprints

From the start of the renovation to the creation of the final luxury ski chalet we’ve tried to be as environmentally friendly as possible so if you’re interested in that too, read on.

The renovation

All our timber – from giant roof rafters to structural beams – is either reclaimed or certified from sustainable sources such as FSC and PEFC. The stone walls are pointed and rendered with traditional lime cement and we have used absolute minimal concrete throughout the build. All windows and doors have extra thick glazing and wooden frames, again from sustainable sources, and the building is well-insulated throughout. A real labour of love was collecting unwanted roof tiles from different old buildings across the valley over two years in order to re-tile our roof!

In the chalet

All toilets are dual flush, taps and showers are energy efficient and toilet paper is FSC certified. Our complimentary toiletries are from Voya – an iconic Irish organic beauty range based on hand-harvested seaweed – and our delicious smelling room diffusers are from Neom’s organic selection. We use low energy light bulbs throughout the chalet, appliances are A+ rated energy efficient, and all cleaning products are certified chemical free.

In the kitchen

In addition to being delicious, the food you eat at Rêves de Montagne is locally sourced and organic where possible. Several of our cheeses come from local producers in this and neighbouring valleys – direct from mountain cows and goats! Food waste is limited by using all parts of the food source where possible and everything is made by our talented chef – we don’t purchase processed foods. In summer we grow our own herbs and vegetables and use apples and plums from our orchard. Our delicious jams and marmalades are made with love using organic fruit from our orchard.

All of our food waste is composted and we recycle paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium, plastic, and cooking oil.

Our wine list includes great wine from French and Italian vineyards. We’ve deliberately chosen European wine to limit the airmiles involved with getting delicious wine from the vineyard to your wine glass!

On the mountain

For your interest, here are two top green tips to minimise your impact on the mountain:

  • Don’t leave litter on the slopes – when the snow melts, the litter will still be there. Orange peel takes up to two years to break down and cigarette butts up to five years.
  • Respect the natural habitat of mountain animals and plants – if you ski off-piste through trees you can damage them by knocking off branches and killing young shoots under the snow so do take care.  Also, some areas are out of bounds in order to protect the natural habitat of animals and plants.